Flora Jia
USC '24 | Computer Science & Applied and Computational Mathematics

Furong Jia (Flora Jia)

Undergraduate student in University of Southern California majoring in Computer science & Applied and Computational Mathematics. Active learner for computer science knowledge, especially over software development, artificial intelligence, and applied math. Hope to pursue careers in machine learning fields.
Current research interest: Natural Language Processing, Continual Learning, Multi-modal Models, Time series forecasting


  • I2I: Initializing Adapters with Improvised Knowledge
    Tejas Srinivasan, Furong Jia, Mohammad Rostami, Jesse Thomason
    arXiV preprint


University of Southern California

Aug. 2020 - May. 2024

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science & Applied and Computational Mathematics

GPA: 3.96/4


2020 & 2021 & 2022 USC Dean’s List

2021 & 2022 Academic Achievement Award Scholarship

Spring 2022 Provost’s Research Fellowship

ABC Innovation Prize

Campus Jobs:

Course Producer for CSCI270 (Algorithms and Theory of Computing)

Teaching Assistant for ITP 104 (Web Publishing)

Research Assistant & Labmaster for Interaction Lab

Research Assistant for GLAMOR Lab

Research Experience

GLAMOR Lab Aug. 2022 -- Present

Research Assistant | Python, Pytorch, Hugging Face, Shell

Los Angeles, CA
  • Collaborating with PhD students on multi-modal continual learning projects: actively read and collect relevant papers over natural language processing, multi-modal models, and continual learning fields, implement tasks along with new datasets(GQA, COCO-QA, AQUA), propose new ideas over model architecture which are currently experimented on
Interaction Lab Aug. 2021 – Present

Research Assistant | Python, Pytorch, DeepLearning, Bash, Linux, Github, AWS, Vue.js, Firebase

Los Angeles, CA
  • Collaborating with PhD students on the ASD-behavior-recognition project which detect possible ASD behaviors through videos of children with deep learning models: build Python scripts to pre-process needed video data, develop web applications for video
    clipping and labelling tool, and training various models over videos in pytorch using MMaction2
  • Partnered with PhD students over re-engagement project, which aims to re-engage distracted users through Socially Interactive
    Robot: collected and summarized relevant papers from past conferences to prepare for literature review, developed necessary experiment setup to support verbal and non-verbal feedbacks of the robot through AWS services, then control robot through Python and Bash scripts with the help of open Github repositories, also received Spring 2022 Provost’s Research Fellowship for the re-engagement projects
  • Developing, updating, and migrated Interaction Lab Website, and professor’s personal website by using Vue.js for front-end and Firebase for back-end

Work Experience

Galileo Financial Technologies, SoFi

May. 2022 -- Aug. 2022

Software Engineering Intern | Python, Flask, HTML/CSS, TypeScript, Gitlab, CI/CD, lit-element

US Remote
  • Independently designed, developed, and tested micro-services in Flask and Python to support authentication and retrieve account information from database, and generated scripts for Continuous Integration through Gitlab
  • Independently designed, developed, and tested account-information-component that create web components to display account information card using lit-element framework in HTML/CSS and Typescript

Kalends Software Shanghai Ltd

Jul. 2021 – Aug. 2021

Technical Developer Intern | HTML/CSS, Angular.js, Node.js, Ionic framework, Gitee

Shanghai, China
  • Developed homepages, login, and signup pages indepently through HTML/CSS, Angular.js, and Ionic framework to assist the front end development of an internally used mobile application
  • Utilized Gitee to contribute in the development and modification of “Shanghai Hezhang” project using HTML/CSS, Angular.js, and Node.js: setting up service, modifying layout, and adding new functions such as loading animation and notification for system update



Oct. 2022 -- Dec. 2022
Python, Natural Language Processing, Hugging Face, tkinter
  • Researched on the current gap of text meme prediction, selectively implemented and trained SOTA model (RoBERTa) on sentiment analysis over GoEmotion dataset, collaboratively developed pipeline for suggesting top-K memes from user’s meme library based on current text, and implemented GUI using tkinter package under Python

Github Repo


Aug. 2021 – Present
HTML/CSS, Javascript, Vue.js, Axios, Webpack, Firebase, Java Spring boot, README
  • Cofounder of Ctrl-F, a web platform that bridges students and faculties over research and internship opportunities to cover the blank of similar products in the current market
  • Developed all Front-end pages through HTML, CSS, Javascript, Vue.js, enabled user authentication using Firebase, connected front-end with back-end through Axios and Webpack, and deployed through AWS
  • Collected professors’ and students’ feedback over the platform to design and develop new functionalities: adding google sign in/up options, allowing users editing own profile and adding affiliated organizations , enabling fast and global searching with multi-layer filters by implementing Elasticsearch


Oct. 2021 – Dec. 2021
HTML/CSS, Javascript, Vue.js, Firebase, Axios, Webpack, Java Spring boot, AWS
  • Cooperatively developed 2BotOrNot2Bot, a web platform to test chat bots for companies by pairing users with chat bots for Turing test
  • Developed all Front-end pages through HTML, CSS, Javascript, Vue.js, enabled user authentication using Firebase, and connected front-end with back-end through Axois and Webpack
  • Applied chat bots API to 2BotOrNot2Bot using Java Spring Boot code and deployed the web platform through AWS


Nov. 2021 – Mar. 2022
HTML/CSS, Javascript, Python, Django, Web scraping, Heroku
  • Developed and Deployed SCourse, a web platform implemented through Python with Django framework which generates a full schedule according to students’ input course numbers and their preferences of starting time and rate of professor
  • Gathered course information from USC class website and then implemented course arrangement for lectures, discussions, and quizzes to display the most prioritized result


Programming Languages:

C++, Python, Java, C, HTML/CSS, JavaScript, Swift, Visual Basic


GitHub, Gitlab, Vue.js, Angular.js, Node.js, Java Spring Boot, Firebase, Axios, Webpack, Figma, Ionic framework, LaTeX, Pytorch, Bash, Linux, Django, Flask, REST API, Heroku, Web scraping, Andriod Studio, Hexo


Chinese (Mandarin), English